New process pressure transmitters JUMO dTRANS p20 – easy operation, stainless steel housing

The new stainless steel housing makes the transmitters ideal for all areas of application where they need to be easy to clean, as well as having optimum corrosion resistance. The food and pharmaceutical industries are two of the important sectors here. But there are also many harsh industrial environments, in chemical and offshore applications, where a lightweight, corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing has advantages over a conventional, painted aluminum housing.
The new variant, with a short housing, has a key feature. Electrical connection is via an M12 connector, instead of the conventional cable gland. This has created a particularly compact device which can also be used, for example, when circumstances for mounting are restricted.

The importance of easy operation was paramount in the development of the device. The new rotary knob replaces the traditional keys. Operation thus becomes highly intuitive and very fast. Another great advantage is that it can be operated from outside, without removing the housing cover. This is very useful for explosion-protected applications and when working outdoors or in wet conditions.
At the display level, you can switch between six different images, each showing different measurement variables. Scaled visualization, with freely adjustable units of measurement, is particularly useful. This allows you to specify the measurement value in relevant units for virtually every conceivable application, such as for flow measurements and for liquid levels.
Transmitter programming is very user-friendly. Not many parameters are required and these can be set via the rotary knob, in a single-stage parameter level.
There is also a setup program available for programming the transmitter, which can communicate with the instrument via both the HART® interface and the JUMO Setup interface.

Sensor system
The new transmitters cover the full industry range from 5 mbar to 1000 bar.
Because of its extremely low linearity error (max. 0.07 %),
the measuring accuracy also meets the most stringent requirements.

All the usual process connections are available, to allow for optimum adaptation to different applications. These also include the hygienic process connections used in the food industry and in pharmaceuticals.

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