JUMO TYA-200 The new microprocessor-based thyristor power unit

Thanks to the LC display with plain text that is provided as standard, configuration can be performed quickly and easily on the device. The menus are clearly and legibly structured, so that users rapidly become confident in handling the system, thus reducing initial setup times. Thanks to its new structure, a slim-size device is now available, with current ranges from 20 A to 250 A.

Pre-configuration is simple and uncomplicated via a mini USB connector at the front. There is no need to connect the device to an additional supply voltage, as power is supplied via the USB port available on a PC or laptop.
The new “teach-in” function is a self-learning function, used to automatically set the limits for partial load failure detection. Cyclic adjustment means that partial load failure can be permanently and accurately detected, even if the characteristics of the heating element change.
“Dual energy management” is provided as standard and leads to an even distribution of energy in the power supply, thus reducing energy costs.

With molybdenum disilicide heating elements (MoSi2), the new “R Control” function comes into effect. The heating elements are highly sensitive, particularly in the upper temperature ranges, and this function can be used to limit their output and thus their surface temperature. This increases their service life and reduces operating costs.
Numerous intelligent safety systems ensure that startup is easy and uncomplicated. These include rotary-field detection (provided as standard) and the detection of wiring errors, which are indicated over the display. Fluctuations in the supply voltage can be quickly regulated by subordinate controls U, U², I, I² and P control. This ensures a high level of process safety.
Energy efficiency has to be constantly monitored throughout the process. Both the freely configurable analog output and the optional Modbus RTU 485 and PROFIBUS DP interfaces are available for this.
All the important process values, messages and limit values can be quickly, easily and individually adapted to a particular application, as well as forwarded to a higher-level control system. The tried and tested JUMO setup program is available for this, and ensures consistent startup management.
Because there are such a variety of voltage variants, there is no need for an additional power supply. The new device series has versions ranging from 24 V AC to 500 V AC –20 %/+15 %.

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