New flue gas temperature monitors (ATW) with DIN approval

The JUMO flue gas temperature monitor versions approved as per DIN EN 14597 can be used in virtually all areas of electro-mechanical temperature monitoring. They allow safe operation of heating systems while also assuming the most varied safety functions. They can, for instance, assist in controlling an extraction fan.

Another application is the monitoring of heating boilers operated in parallel, for instance an oil/gas boiler operated at a chimney and a solid fuel fired boiler. The oil/gas boiler is switched off by means of a flue gas temperature monitor installed in the extraction duct of the solid fuel fired boiler once a preset flue gas temperature is reached. The oil/gas boiler is reactivated when the flue gas temperature of the solid fuel fired boiler drops below the preset value.
The JUMO STM-RW-2 is a thermostat operating according to the rod length expansion principle. The immersion tube and a metal rod fitted in the tube have different expansion coefficients. When heated, a temperature dependent length difference is produced which triggers the thermostat's switching action.
The JUMO STM-RW-2 features a sturdy design and an over-temperature safety of up to 700°C at the probe. Its aluminium die cast case is optimally suited for operation in the industrial environment. A G½“ external thread is used for process connection. The flue gas temperature monitor JUMO heatTHERM-AT, on the other hand, is adapted to meet the requirements of the new generation of heating boilers operating at lower boiler temperatures. It comprises a measuring system filled with fluid that expands when heated, thereby actuating a micro-switch. The device is provided with an over-temperature safety up to 400°C sufficiently dimensioned with a setting range of 40 to 230°C.
Thanks to the „Push-In®“ clamping technique time consuming connection work is no longer necessary and installation time substantially reduced. The JUMO heatTHERM-AT can be easily fitted with two self-tapping screws. Due its compact, modern design it can be easily integrated into installation engineering tasks. The setpoint value setting visible from outside facilitates reading the value currently set at all times without auxiliary means. The flue gas temperature monitors JUMO STM-RW-2 and JUMO heatTHERM-AT are available ex stock and can be usually delivered within three working days after receipt of order.
Based on the renewed DIN approval of JUMO STM-RW-2 (DIN Reg. No. ATW862) in June 2010 and the new approval of JUMO heatTHERM-AT (DIN Reg. No. ATW 1218) at the beginning of the year, the best individual solution can be achieved for every application.
The „Push-In®“ clamping technique is a connection technique patented by Weidmüller GmbH & Co. KG, Detmold.

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