The new scalable measuring, control and automation system

JUMO mTRON T - Your System

The modular design JUMO mTRON T uses an Ethernet based system bus and an integrated PLC – also for decentralized automation tasks. This measuring, control and automation system, suitable for a wide range of applications, reflects the combination of JUMO's extensive process expertise with a simple, user orientated and user friendly configuration concept.

The heart of JUMO mTRON T is the central unit that provides a process image for up to 30 input/output modules. The CPU is equipped with higher ranking communication interfaces including a web server. For individual control applications, the system has a PLC (CoDeSys V3), program transmitter and limit value monitoring functions, as well as math and logics modules.

Available input and output modules include a multi-channel controller module, analog input modules with 4 and 8 channels, a relay module in 4-channel version, as well as the freely configurable digital input/output module with 12 channels.

The 4-channel analog input module is equipped with four electrically isolated universal analog inputs for thermocouples, RTD temperature probes and standard signals. This allows precise recording and digitization of a variety of process variables with the same hardware, project planning, material planning and stockkeeping, with the respective cost benefits involved.

Each multi-channel controller module supports up to four stand-alone PID control circuits with fast cycle time and proven control algorithm without encumbering the central unit. The system allows the simultaneous operation of up to 120 control circuits, making it possible to meet the requirements of complex control processes. The inputs and outputs of each controller module can be individually extended and adapted using optional slots.

In addition to visualization, the multi-functional panel allows convenient operation of the controller and program transmitter. It also permits user-dependent access to parameter and configuration data of the overall system. As a special feature, a full paperless recorder including web server is provided for performing the recording functions. Proven PC programs are available for read-out and evaluation of the historic data. Screen masks, predefined as standard, substantially reduce start-up times.

The configuration of the hardware and software, as well as the configuration of the measured value recording and control tasks are performed with the setup program. Using the editors of CoDeSys as per IEC 61131-3, users can create their own highly efficient automation solutions. The entire application is recorded in a project file, considerably simplifying project administration and version management.

Thanks to its high flexibility and user friendly structure, JUMO mTRON T, as a measuring, control or automation system, can be easily and conveniently adapted to different applications so that it can be used in a large variety of industries.

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