Financial Year 2010 JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

Last year, the JUMO corporate group started to feel the positive effects of successfully weathering the global economic crisis in 2009. In common with the entire electrical engineering and electronics industry, JUMO has also seen such an increase in orders received and sales, that expectations had to be revised upward three times. The majority of the sales in 2010 were made at home, as in previous years. JUMO Germany generated sales of 132 million euro. Global sales also showed a marked rise from 143 million euro in the previous year to 170 million euro in 2010, an increase in turnover of almost 19%. At year end, the JUMO Group had more than 60 million euro of orders on hand. For the 2011 financial year, the corporate group is advising total sales of 196 million euro. This corresponds to an increase in turnover of 15%.

Employment situation

As at December 2010, 1706 men and women were employed by JUMO, worldwide. Of these, 1146 people – including 98 apprentices – were working at the Fulda location, 46 in branches and offices throughout Germany, and 514 in subsidiaries abroad. This means that, compared to the previous year, JUMO again employed 36 more people.
In 2010 and 2011 a total of 63 new apprentices and cooperative state university students were employed, with 26 young people being taken on in August 2010.

News from at home

Suggestions for operating improvements

In 2010, the JUMO corporate group was again successful in making many improvements and implementing proposals on the basis of the numerous suggestions received from the workforce.
The total cost saving achieved was established as 207,000 euro. It should be mentioned at this point that not only were numerous organizational and informational procedures improved, it was also possible to further improve the technology.
In the 2010 financial year, a total of 250 suggestions for improvement were submitted by 181 men and women. The participation quota was 15% of the total workforce, with the implementation quota amounting to 61%.
The biggest bonus was awarded to the suggestion for improvement submitted by Alexandra Jonas from the “Pressure Measurement Technology” division. Her proposal made it possible to optimize the mounting process for CPU spacers.
Thanks to the suggestion from Christoph Ruhnau and Michael Vogler, punching was improved for the punching dies used in production in the “Metal Technology” division.
A further, well-rewarded suggestion was submitted by Karl-Heinz Dietz from the “Thermostats” division, which made it possible to improve the process used for labeling the housings.

In recognition of the dedication shown by the workforce, a day’s outing to the VW factory at Baunatal was organized, followed by a tasting at a brewery. Senior management, personnel management and the works committee were then able to personally thank the men and women of the workforce for their commitment.

JUMO worldwide

JUMO sends apprentices and students abroad

In October 2010, it was possible to send nine apprentices and students to different subsidiaries abroad, where they were given the opportunity during their four-week deployment to think outside the box for once, and gather new experiences and impressions. In this way, the young people got to know the company and its operating procedures from a totally different perspective. The aim of sending people abroad is to show apprentices and students, at an early stage, the importance of international communication. Their stay also acts as an additional incentive and strengthens identification with the company.

40 years of JUMO Belgium and 25 years of JUMO Sweden
The foundation stone for the JUMO corporate group’s global presence was laid as early as 1971, when the subsidiary in Belgium was established. In the early days of the company history, its head office was located in Brussels. In 1984, to meet challenges and fulfill customer requirements, the company moved to its current site in Eupen, not far from the German border. Now the subsidiary has its own sensor manufacturing facility, complete with a service department. The growth of this JUMO subsidiary is reflected in the size of the workforce - it is the sixth-largest subsidiary, with 30 employees.
Sweden was the smallest of the existing nine subsidiaries when it was founded in 1986, at the Helsingborg location. Over the years, it has developed into the principal location in Scandinavia, and has been the proud parent of its own subsidiary in Norway since 2002. It has its own sensor manufacturing facility, so that Swedish customers can also enjoy local deliveries and support. 25 years after it was founded, the Swedish subsidiary employs a permanent workforce of 24.
The two anniversaries were celebrated together with German colleagues in Fulda, providing an excellent opportunity to exchange country-specific know-how and experience. The friendly relations fostered by joint excursions and discussions, transcended national boundaries.

Prospects for 2011

After the promising upturn at the start of the year, the economy again suffered a slight setback. Slightly less orders were received, and the business climate index also showed the concerns of company owners. Although the business outlook continues to be described as good, the situation in past months was distinctly better.
Nonetheless, the three managing partners Bernhard, Carsten and Michael Juchheim, are being optimistic about the future. With a global presence encompassing 23 subsidiaries, over 40 agencies and more than 1700 motivated and highly-qualified members of staff worldwide, the JUMO corporate group is very well-placed, and will continue to maintain its hold on the measurement and control system markets.

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