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JUMO Industry Seminars – an Absolute Must

Participants of the industry seminars will receive a user-oriented and practical look at the measurement and control technology from JUMO GmbH & Co. KG. The events are closely focused on the exchange of information and the applications for the different industries.

The structure of the industry seminars offers users an overview of the foundations of measurement technology. For selected applications, cost-efficient optimization options will be presented for the secure development of processes and more efficient operation of plants. As practical relevance is very important in the industry seminars, concrete solutions for commissioning plants or for process optimization will then be developed together in a subsequent workshop.

The seminars are taken by experienced practitioners and are constructed for efficient teaching. They are intended for those at the beginning of their careers, but also for technical employees, engineers, project managers, and plant operators.

The essential industry knowledge is communicated in a compact form over the course of one day. If you are interested in taking part in a free industry seminar, you can find all the necessary information at:

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