JUMO SMD 0805 in package design type for temperatures of up to 250 °C

New JUMO SMD Temperature Sensor (Pt) for High-Temperature Applications

Platinum SMD chip temperature sensors from JUMO have been proven millions of times for temperature measurement on circuit boards. In the past, the maximum operating temperature was 150 °C. New design features, combined with an innovative technology for producing the all-round solder contacts, enable the JUMO SMD 0805 to now be used at higher temperatures of up to 250 °C.

For users, this means significantly improved performance in terms of reliability, long-term stability, operating temperature, and thermal-shock resistance with an almost unlimited storage life.

In the JUMO SMD 0805, the platinum structure of the measuring shunt is covered by an annealed high-temperature glass layer. The sensor therefore has optimum protection against environmental influences and is stable up to a temperature of 250 °C. This means that it can also be used in applications such as heaters, infrared radiators, or for calorimetric measurements.

The all-round contact of the SMD 0805 consists of a high-purity, completely tight nickel-gold sandwich layer, which is produced using a process developed in-house at JUMO. Reflow soldering is possible with lead-free SAC solder and with solder that has a high lead content. The result is use in an expanded temperature range between -70 and +250 °C.

The excellent quality of the metallization layers, which are completely free of phosphorous and other impurities, allow clean intermetallic phases to be formed during soldering. Other joining techniques such as conductive adhesion can also be used.

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