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This event represents a key platform to exchange knowledge and experiences on current trends and solutions in the glass industry. Throughout the event, we will dive into a wide range of success stories, explore concepts and discuss solutions that have been fundamental in our local markets. In addition, we will provide a space for open dialogue where participants can share ideas, learn from best practices and strengthen strategic collaborations to drive growth and innovation in the glass industry.

We encourage you watch a video detailing the hollow glass production process and how JUMO products are integrated into this process. The video provides a detailed overview of the application of our products at each stage of production.

Types of glass furnaces

Flat glass furnaces

Maximised Flat Glass Quality

Flat glass furnaces are essential in the production of glass used extensively in windows, building facades and automotive applications. These furnaces operate at extremely high temperatures, which can reach up to 1,600°C, to melt and homogenise the mixture of silica and other components. Precise temperature control technology is crucial to ensure consistent flat glass quality, avoiding imperfections and ensuring even heat distribution throughout the molten glass bed.

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Flat glass furnace with JUMO products

Hollow glass furnace with JUMO products

Hollow glass furnaces

Accurate Shaping in Hollow Glass Production

Hollow glass furnaces are specifically designed for the production of objects such as bottles and jars. These furnaces must withstand not only high temperatures, but also rapid changes in temperature and pressure, which are essential for moulding the glass into the desired shapes. Control of the atmosphere inside the furnace is equally vital, as any fluctuations can affect the integrity of the final product. The use of advanced sensor technologies allows accurate, real-time monitoring of the process, ensuring uniformity of the hollow glass and reducing the rate of defective products.

Success stories

Level measurement in glass melting furnaces

Success in hollow glass production

In the glass industry, accurate fill level measurement during melting is crucial but challenging due to the high temperatures and complexity of conventional measurement systems. The solution uses elements immersed in the liquid glass for accurate and reliable measurements. This approach uses the JUMO mTRON-T system and the JUMO dTRANS P30 transmitter, which convert pressure measurements into electrical signals, simplifying measurement and improving efficiency in high-temperature and steam environments.

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Perfect products thanks to reliable oven control

Case study: furnace inspection

In the magnetic materials industry, VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG was facing challenges in temperature monitoring in its industrial furnaces. JUMO presented its mTRON T solution, an advanced control system that optimises temperature, improves energy efficiency and offers detailed process monitoring. Equipped with various JUMO functionalities and components, this solution provides precise and efficient management for the company's production of high-quality materials.

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A complete overview of the glass industry

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Download our triptych and discover how JUMO products and services can transform your hollow glass production. The illustration details each stage of the hollow glass furnace, highlighting JUMO products that ensure precise control and efficiency. Also discover our specialised services to optimise your operations in the glass industry.

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Glass industry triptych mockup

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