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JUMO measurement and control technology ensures safety

New Regulation for Evaporation Cooler Plants Requires Action

In March 2017, the Cabinet of Germany has agreed to the draft of the "Forty-Second Ordinance for the Implementation of the Federal Immission Protection Act" (42. BImSchV) and has thereby made provisions for a hygienically perfect operation of evaporation cooler plants, cooling towers, and wet separators. JUMO offers the right technology for compliance with this regulation.


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According to estimates around 60,000 evaporation cooler plants of all different sizes are spread across Germany. The new 42. BImSchV makes operators liable for hygienic maintenance, care, and operation. The new "legionella regulation" stipulates a disclosure obligation that applies to new as well as old plants.

Humid clouds of exhaust air are created in evaporation cooling plants which contain cooling water drops as aerosols. These clouds may distribute dangerous bacteria that can cause serious illnesses when they are inhaled. The most well-known of these illnesses is Legionnaires' disease.

JUMO supplies suitable measurement and control devices for equipping new cooling towers – but also for retrofitting and converting existing installations. The JUMO AQUIS touch modular multichannel measuring device for liquid analysis is designed to conform to the new regulation in an ideal manner. In addition to the control of the cooling tower desalination through conductivity measurement, the device also enables controlled dosing of biocides for cooling tower hygiene. The desalination lock during biocide dosing, the compliance with exposure time of the biocide, and limit value monitoring of all important parameters are also controllable.

In addition, the device also offers the possibility – as required – to record data in a tamper-proof format including the date and time stamp. This allows the operator to prove the correct functioning of the cooling tower even retrospectively.

Integrating the device into the network of the business enables remote access of the data. Warning and alarm reports can also be sent by text message or email via such a connection. This guarantees 24/7 monitoring of the cooling tower.

Other possibilities include the measurement and control of the pH value, monitoring the hygiene standard of the cooling water with redox measurement, or the direct measurement of disinfection agents such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and ozone.

Moreover, the JUMO product list includes the necessary sensor technology and installation accessories. For smaller retrofitting projects, JUMO supplies single-channel standard devices and measuring technology for turbidity and flow.

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