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Humidity calibration

JUMO supports its customers throughout the entire product life cycle. That is why, of course, we can also calibrate our sensors for measuring humidity. This needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure that the measuring devices operate according to their technical data and therefore work at optimum levels.

Precise humidity measurement is important

Humidity affects many properties of the air and the materials that are exposed to it. The monitoring and measurement of humidity is important if phenomena such as condensation, corrosion, mould, warping or contamination must be prevented in products.

For example, humidity must be measured in industries that produce and distribute food, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, fuels, wood, textiles and paper. Museums, art galleries, computer centres, hospitals, research laboratories and semiconductor manufacturers are other institutions or companies where the measurement of humidity is of vital importance.

Our services

  • Calibration according to the currently valid standards
  • Issuing a calibration certificate (documentation of the calibration results)
  • Applying a calibration mark to the object to be calibrated
  • Adjustments and display of the measured values found before the adjustments
  • Maintenance, repairs and cleaning

Your advantages

  • Know-how of the manufacturer of high-quality sensors for humidity measurement
  • Complete service from one source
  • Fast implementation to reduce downtimes
  • Securing the optimal atmosphere for people, processes and products

Your contact

Humidity Calibration

Peter Weibel +41 44 928 24 45 +41 44 928 24 45