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Pressure calibration

It is JUMO's aim to support its customers throughout the entire product life cycle – across all product groups and measurands. That is why pressure calibration has been part of our service for years. This way, customers benefit from our expertise, which we offer at no extra charge even when calibrating entire measuring chains – including devices from other manufacturers.

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    End-to-end service from a single supplier

    To ensure that the pressure measuring devices in your application can operate at their best we recommend calibrating both electrical and mechanical pressure measuring devices once a year. In so doing, process reliability is also ensured. We would be very happy to carry out the necessary adjustments, maintenance, repairs, and cleaning work for you.

    Our services

    • Absolute pressure measurements
    • Relative pressure measurements
    • Measuring ranges from -1 to +600 bar
    • Smallest relative pressure range at 1 mbar/100 Pa
    • Accuracies from 0.100 %, depending on the pressure range
    • Calibration according to the currently applicable standards
    • Issuing of a calibration certificate (documentation of the calibration results)
    • Application of a calibration label on the calibration object
    • Disclosure of the measured values determined before adjustment, and adjustment of these values
    • Maintenance, repairs, and cleaning

    Your advantages

    • Manufacturer expertise in high-quality pressure measuring devices
    • Calibration of entire measuring chains – including devices from other manufacturers
    • End-to-end service from a single supplier
    • Fast turnaround for reducing downtimes

Your contact

Pressure calibration

Peter Weibel +41 44 928 24 45 +41 44 928 24 45