Diverse temperature measurement with the JUMO dicoTEMP 100

The Smart Way to Retrofit Your Dial Thermometers

The JUMO dicoTEMP 100 is a smart fitting with which various temperature measurements can be taken with one thermostat or dial thermometer and a platinum-chip temperature sensor from just one measuring point. The resistance signal is transformed into an analog or digital signal with the use of a transmitter.


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The JUMO dicoTEMP 100 combines the strengths of several JUMO devices. With the new solution, users can continue to use any devices that are already part of the process at the same measuring point and, at the same time, extend them functionally with electrical temperature measurement.

The combination of a platinum-chip temperature sensor and a thermostat or dial thermometer in one fitting significantly reduces planning and installation effort.

The fitting is made from stainless steel and is available in different connection types: for screwing in or inserting to a flat tube. The insertion length varies between 65 and 300 mm, depending on the customer's wishes. The JUMO dicoTEMP 100 can be used at process temperatures ranging between -40 and +260 °C.

A resistance signal is transferred via an industry-standard M12 connector. Using a cable transmitter, other output signals can be relayed in an analog (4 to 20 mA) or digital (IO-Link) manner, which ensures the highest degree of flexibility in data use. In addition, great variability results from the use of different device types, platinum sensors, and probes as well as immersion sleeve diameters.

Its Plug and Play functionality makes the JUMO dicoTEMP 100 the ideal partner for retrofitting existing equipment such as transformers, compressors, and hydraulic units.

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