31 new trainees, 1 dual student and 11 annual interns get to know JUMO

Exciting first week of training

JUMO is not only the largest family-owned company in Fulda, but also one of the largest training companies in the region. On August 1, 43 young men and women started an apprenticeship, a one-year internship, or a dual study program at the company.


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The new colleagues were welcomed by JUMO owner Bernhard Juchheim, human resources manager Alexandra Dantmann, the works council, and all the trainers. In his welcoming speech, Bernhard Juchheim referred to the current rapid technological change: "In the course of digitalization, the professional challenges are permanently changing. My most important advice to the new trainees is therefore: always stay curious and never stop learning."

Of the 43 new recruits, 22 are starting training in metal and electrical engineering professions, seven are starting as industrial clerks, two as IT specialists, one as a dual student and 11 as FOS trainees.

In order to strengthen the cohesion of the new training year, numerous joint activities took place during the first week of training. Among other things, a big day of getting to know each other with a city rally and a barbecue in the countryside was on the agenda. Equipped with tablets and other utensils, the trainees and interns set out to solve exciting puzzles in downtown Fulda. Once all the tasks had been mastered, a stop at the ice cream parlor was unavoidable and the trainees and interns were able to pick up a free ice cream.

With renewed energy, they then took the bus to the Rhönklub hut of the Niesig branch in the Michelsrombach Forest. There, the new colleagues were welcomed by cool drinks and the aroma of the barbecue buffet prepared on site. In a relaxed atmosphere and over good food, everyone was able to get to know each other better outside of work before heading back to Fulda in the afternoon.

Another joint activity on the agenda during the week was a tour of the company. Dressed in white coats that protect against electrostatic discharge, the trainees were given their first detailed tour of the JUMO headquarters and got to know some of the more than 1,300 employees at the JUMO main site in Fulda in the various areas.

All technical trainees spent another day at the in-house training center, where their instructors began teaching them the basics of their respective professions. The aim of this day was to prepare the junior staff in the best possible way for their deployment in the specialist departments, which they will pass through every three months during the course of their training. The commercial trainees received their notebooks and the associated training. The program also included training on the topics of "Occupational Safety", "ESD", "Quality Management" and "Ideas Management". Further highlights will follow in the coming weeks, including the "big get-to-know-trainees excursion" with all 104 trainees and interns.

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