Data with SPE technology from the sensor directly to the JUMO Cloud

High-Performance Sensors for Continuous Ethernet Communication

For the first time JUMO has seized the opportunities offered by Ethernet-based SPE technology and integrated them into 3 new sensor products: JUMO hydroTRANS (humidity, CO2, and temperature transmitters), JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 (flow transmitter), JUMO DELOS S02 (pressure transmitter).


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The choice of SPE technology for the new JUMO devices provides users the option of using complete system solutions with continuous Ethernet transmission in their applications. This aspect simplifies startup and opens up other exciting advantages:

SPE represents only the physical layer on which a variety of Ethernet-based protocols can run. JUMO has selected the SPE 10BASE-T1L standard for the new sensors, which allows cable lengths of up to 1000 meters for the sensor connection, thereby ensuring universal use of this SPE technology in a wide range of application fields. Each of the 3 sensors is supplied via Power over Data Lines (PoDL). The connection is established using a SPE connector with a high protection type in M12 design.

Data forwarding is based on consistent Ethernet, which is why the sensor can exchange data directly with the controller and simultaneously with the JUMO Cloud.

The user can rely on the established Ethernet-based communication standard Modbus TCP for communication with the controller. Cloud communication is set up with just a few clicks in the JUMO Cloud directly. It can also be set up conveniently on the sensor via the "JUMO smartCONNECT" app or the JUMO setup program. This way, lean system solutions, which consist of sensor technology as well as automation and/or control technology, can be devised quickly and easily.

As a result, the JUMO sensor JUMO hydroTRANS can measure room temperature, air humidity, as well as CO2 concentration and also send its status values (metadata) directly to the JUMO Cloud via the SPE interface.

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