16 trainees released into the working world

Yesterday's trainees, today's qualified specialists

Congratulations! A few days ago, 16 apprentices were released into their professional lives at JUMO after successfully passing their exams.


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During a small ceremony, training manager Frank Blasinger thanked all the trainees for their commitment under the difficult Corona conditions over the past three and a half years. Gifts were presented for the good exam results by Managing Director Dimitrios Charisiadis and Human Resources Manager Alexandra Dantmann. Works Council Chairman Torsten Nebenführ thanked them for their commitment and welcomed the new skilled workers. The trainees then discussed their future plans over a delicious meal at the Italian restaurant around the corner.

In detail, the following trainees successfully passed their exams: Julian Herget (electronics technician for industrial engineering/EBT), Janek Schäfer (EBT), Tim Brunner (electronics technician for devices and systems/EGS), Simon Klüber (EGS), Jacqueline Kunz (EGS), Michelle Sieling (EGS), Lukas Lorey (EGS), Sven Diegelmann (industrial mechanic/IM), André Fast (IM), Natasha Garrett (IM), Mario Guiducci (IM), Leon Höck (IM), Lennart Kessler (IM), Niklas Scheich (IM), Alexander Weyh (IM) and Larissa Rebell (IT specialist in application development).

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