Data with SPE technology from the sensor directly to the JUMO Cloud

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE): JUMO Sensors Make the Ecosystem More Efficient

The SPE-capable product portfolio presented at the 75th anniversary press conference in February this year is now going into series production.


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The innovative SPE technology has been integrated into 3 new JUMO sensor products:

  • JUMO hydroTRANS S20 (temperature, humidity, CO2 transmitter)
  • JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 (flow transmitter)
  • JUMO DELOS S02 (pressure transmitter)

In this way, individual solutions tailored to the operational process can be implemented. SPE is interesting for all automation applications – and thereby for all industries. "Many operational processes that need to ensure a high level of availability can benefit from end-to-end Ethernet networking thanks to SPE technology," explains Manfred Walter, product manager and SPE expert at JUMO. As a result, the use of SPE can avoid standstills and enable even greater efficiency, which in turn enables long-term cost savings, in many application scenarios.

JUMO sensors make the SPE ecosystem more efficient. "Intelligent" probing is possible, as Walter points out. Important measurands such as temperature, air humidity, CO2, flow, and pressure are forwarded with high accuracy and speed to such destinations as the JUMO Cloud. For the first time, this enables continuous Ethernet networking of the sensors based on the familiar automation pyramid right down to the field level, without any media disruption in Ethernet communication.

Important additional diagnostic information can be easily and quickly supplied by an intelligent sensor for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance directly via the two-wire Ethernet interface ─ independently of the control system. "Process control continues while the necessary maintenance data is extracted and processed independently in the background by the systems set up for this purpose," explains Justin Heinrici, product manager at JUMO.

Each of the 3 sensors is supplied via Power over Data Lines (PoDL). Cable distances of up to 1000 meters can be achieved when mounting and cabling the sensors. The connection is implemented by an SPE connector with the high protection type IP67 in M12 design.

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