Simply Smart - Compact, easy to use, and self-optimizing: the new JUMO Quantrol controller series

In many cases, the user does not need a complex process controller for simple applications. A compact device from the new JUMO Quantrol controller series, with its basic functions and ease of operation, is the perfect choice.

The devices are operated using four buttons on the front that have a defined pressure point. The universal analog input for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current / voltage signals can be programmed by the user. The desired value, actual value, and all parameters are displayed on two seven-segment LED displays (red/green) to one or two decimal place(s). The values can be displayed in °C or °F. Up to five relay outputs with a switching capacity of 3 A / 230 V can be available. The number of relay outputs depends on the format. The switch position of the relays is displayed using yellow LEDs. These relays can be assigned different alarm functions. An analog output from 0 to 10 V or 0(4) to 20 mA can be used to control valves or SCR power controllers. Using the binary input, the Quantrol device settings and operation can be gradually locked, a ramp or timer can be activated, or self-optimization can be initiated.

The new Quantrol series is available in the three DIN formats 48 x 48 mm2, 48 x 96 mm2, and 96 x 96 mm2. The device can be connected to host systems or devices using the RS485 serial interface. Instead of operating the device from the front, the user can also program the controller using a setup program and USB interface. The controller does not need to be connected to another voltage supply during programming because the power comes from a USB interface. The Quantrol series, like all JUMO controllers, is also equipped with reliable JUMO self-optimization. This saves on costly manual settings and subsequently on time and money. The supply voltage may be between AC 110 to 240 V or AC/DC 20 to 30 V. All devices have UL (cUL) approval.

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